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It's easy to tell by looking at it.

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I can leave my computer on and do it.

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I can leave my computer on and do it.

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C language learned by suffering

target demographic

target reader
The target audience for bitter C is the beginner who wants to learn the C language seriously.
We recommend that you search the Internet or visit a bookstore if you
This site is designed to explain the basics from the ground up, which makes it more challenging for those who just want an overview.

Synchronization Example
I want to know the answer to a programming assignment given at a college or university.
I want to know about C language as knowledge.

It also assumes that the reader is able to operate a computer to some degree.
If you are able to do the following, just about, you have passed the test.

Required computer operating skills
Can make simple sentences using a keyboard.
Can save, copy, and delete files.
Can download files from the Internet.

To write a C program, you naturally use the keyboard.
But what you do is mainly enter single-byte alphanumeric characters, and you don't have to type fast.
Anyway, as long as you can type, that's all that matters.

Do you only have a smartphone?
It is quite difficult to learn C and programming on a smartphone or tablet.
The small screen and lack of a keyboard make it very difficult to input programs.
If you want to learn programming, we strongly recommend that you purchase your own computer.

What kind of computer should I buy?
A low-cost computer is fine.
Even a 30,000 yen computer (although it runs sluggishly) is sufficient for studying programming.

Incidentally, the author recommends a used ThinkPad.
Companies often purchase several hundred units in bulk and sell them off as used products after a few years.
This is because high-performance PCs, even though they are out of model, can be obtained at fairly low prices.
Also, ThinkPads have very easy-to-use keyboards, making them ideal for learning programming.

The software used in the bitter C is obtained by downloading it from the Internet.
Therefore, some Internet access is required.

C programs are text files.
To handle this, knowledge of file handling is required.

About this Site

The C language (bitter C), which is learned by suffering, is
This is the definitive C language introductory site.
It systematically explains the basic functions of the C language and
It is as complete as or more complete than any book on the market.

Part 0: Program Overview
  1. What is the program?
Chapter 2: How to write a program
  1. Writing Rules
  2. Writing conventions
  3. Exercise 2
Chapter 3: Display on Screen
  1. String display
  2. newline character
  3. Exercise 3
Chapter 4: Numeric Display and Calculation
  1. Numeric Display
  2. Basic Calculations
  3. Type of value
  4. Exercise 4
Chapter 5: Numerical Memory and Calculation
  1. Memorize values
  2. Variable Type
  3. Type conversion
  4. Numeric justification
  5. Exercise 5
Chapter 6: Input from the keyboard
  1. Functions for input
  2. Fear of Input
  3. Exercise 6
Chapter 9: Repetition with a fixed number of times
  1. Sentences that repeat themselves
  2. Loop Operation Mechanism
  3. Exercise 9
Chapter 10: Unknown number of repetitions
  1. Loop of unknown frequency
  2. input check
  3. Exercise 10
Chapter 13: Handling Multiple Variables at Once
  1. Multiple variables are handled together.
  2. How to use arrays
  3. Exercise 13
Chapter 19: Dynamic Arrays
  1. Create arrays at will
  2. Exercise 19
Chapter 20: Multiple Source Files
  1. Minimal division
  2. The Stone of Division
  3. Exercise 20


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